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E7: Allah Loves Tawba

E7: Allah Loves Tawba

The Ramadan Moon Market is coming to a close! While everyone prepares to welcome a special guest, The Jester has got the blues as he struggles to have it all AND also be his best self! The King and Professor help him identify his good qualities, only to find out that Jester has already mastered a trait that Allah (ﷻ) loves!

E7: Allah Loves Tawba
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Let’s Learn

      1. Tawbah means to repent, or return to Allah (ﷻ) after making a mistake. Tawbah can also mean to seek Allah’s forgiveness!

      2. Allah(ﷻ) is At Tawwab, the Acceptor of Repentance. 

      3. How to do Tawbah:

          a. Ask Allah (ﷻ) for forgiveness

          b. Stop doing the sin

          c. Make a firm intention of never repeating the sin

          d. Regret and feel bad about committing the sin

      4. The Syed ul Istighfar: Master of du’as for forgiveness.

Let’s Talk

      1. Do you feel like you make too many mistakes? 

      2. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to forgive someone despite not wanting to? How did it make you feel?

      3. How many times can you say Astaghfirullah in a day?

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