Allah Loves
E1: Allah Loves Tahara

E1: Allah Loves Tahara

Residents of ShukarLand have gathered at the Ramadan Moon Market to welcome this blessed month! There’s tons of halal, pure and delicious food from all over the world involved! Old and new hygienic friends! And a whole lot of clean intentions and good habits coming your way as Aunty Hiba tells everyone about an easy breezy trait which makes Allah (ﷻ) love you!

E1: Allah Loves Tahara
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Let’s Learn

      1. Tahara, or cleanliness is half of faith. It is a condition for most of our ritual acts of worship, like salah, and reading the Quran.

      2. Muslims practice Tahara in everything:

          a. Our personal hygiene

          b. Our food and drink

          c. Our thoughts and speech

          d. Our homes and surroundings

          e. Our wealth 

          f. Our hearts

      3. Allah (ﷻ) makes it so easy for us to earn His Love, by doing things that are good for us, that only benefit us!

Let’s Talk

      1. Why do you think it is important to have clean and pure thoughts?

      2. What is something you or I use in our speech that we could maybe try not to use anymore to make it purer?

      3. What can we do to help cleanliness in our surroundings and environment?

Assalam Alaikum!

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