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Frequently Asked Questions


Are the charges per child or per family?
The charges are per home. Everyone living under one roof can watch on their own devices, whenever they want.
Are there any discounts for groups?
We love this community spirit! Contact us today and let's talk about how we can make this happen.
Will I really get full year access?
Yes! On the Premium plan, we provide unlimited year-round access, so that families can watch, learn, and enjoy at their own pace. And because you can watch it as many times as you want, there will be plenty of opportunity to absorb, understand and reflect.
Do I have to pay extra for new videos or live classes?
Absolutely not! We want you to set it and forget it, without having to worry about payments each time.


Where and how will I watch all these videos?
On your tv, in your home is best, but any device will work! Once you sign your kid up, they'll be able to login to the website and watch (and rewatch) the content as many times as they like, all year round! All workbooks, guides, and quizzes will always be available online too.
Which age groups is this suitable for?
This is a family website suitable for every age group, but Muslim kids are our favorites. We have people watching with their babies, who are watching it with their grandparents. But rest assured, kids can navigate and learn from the membership compeletely independently.
Why have you made these Series?
We want Muslims kids to have an easy reference guide to basic Islamic vocabulary, stories from the Quran and inspiring Muslim role models. We provide inspiration and information about being Muslim. We try to cultivate knowledge and love of Allah as our Lord, Islam as our religion and the Prophet (s) as our prophet.

We want Muslim kids to be proud and confident in their Islamic heritage. Our programs show Muslims being Muslims. The characters are flawed, relatable, but striving towards improvement. The teachers are friendly, earnest, and inspiring. We hope that this wholesome content will be used by families to learn, laugh and grow towards a greater sense of Islamic identity.
How will the membership help my family?
The subscription will allow your family to have an easily accessible, readily available, and always accurate source of Islamic inspiration and information. The engaging content will draw your whole family to the website over and over again. Young and old alike will learn more than you thought possible through the power of storytelling, visually appealing graphics and fun songs.

We believe that knowledge of our deen often has to come before loving it. As the knowledge within your family grows, watch the connection they feel towards the religion grow alongside of it.
What can I do to support what the kids learn on the website?
Watch the Series with your kids! Sing the Songs together! Have them look up words they want to learn about in the Spotlights.Talk about the inspirational lessons. Do the quizzes, print out the workbooks, and discuss the teachings.Reference the characters in your conversation. Laugh at the silliness. Create a loving, happy atmosphere of learning in your home.