Ignite the love of Allah in your family, with epic stories and inspiring lessons
Engage and edu-tain your kids with Series that explore Quranic themes and Muslim heroes
Keys to the Kingdom

Readying Muslim kids to be strong and hopeful for Palestinian liberation

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Tricky Situations

Helping kids keep it real about Halloween, death and the right Muslim mindset for scary, spooky things

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The Sunnah Life

Celebrate our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) by learning about the importance of adopting his sunnah and studying his seerah

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Sticky Situations

A gentle yet comprehensive introduction to common LGBTQ related questions and issues faced by Muslim families.

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Treasure beneath the Throne

The two most special aayaat of the Quran, given directly by Allah to the Prophet (s) during the miraculous night journey. Learn how they contain a glittering treasure of gems for the believer.

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Allah Loves

The Quran mentions 8 kinds of people that are beloved to Allah. Join the people of Shukarland as they learn about each beautiful quality in detail and how to apply it in their lives. Let's all gain Allah's Love together.

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14 Beautiful Names

A deeply moving exploration of the 14 Beautiful Names of Allah mentioned in Surah Hashr! Join the King, Jester, Prof & Doc as they learn the meanings of each Name, the qualities that we seek to embody, and much more in this fun and inspiring series.

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Women of Jannah

A mother and her 2 daughters share a lovely story time about the 4 incredible ladies the Prophet(s) called the Women of Paradise. Learn about them in our 4 part celebration of amazing Muslim women.

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Hajj Camp

Everything your kids need to know about Ibrahim (a) and his fiery predicaments, Hajj, Dhul Hijjah & The Last Sermon in one fantastic series.

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Yunus (a)

A whale of a tale! Learn about the life of Yunus (a), how and why he got swallowed by a giant whale, why the angels knew his voice, and how he eventually triumphed.

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Nuh (a)

Grab onto your raincoats! This one's going to be one wet story about the life and dedication of our dear Prophet Nuh (a), and the massive ship he built to save humankind.

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Reach for the Ramadan Moon

An exciting gameshow to tickle your brain cells! Each episode contains a series of quizzical questions to learn about numerous Islamic topics, and to grow together as we try to reach for the Ramadan Moon!

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- Aizah Ashraf

"A beautifully made program. The content, the vigour, the research, the detailing and the effort that went into it was is a small community here where we live and my son was feeling so sad when we watched the last session!"

- Ziana Sakhia

"I can't tell you how much my kids and I loved Ramadan Moon! My 10 and 6 year old boys loved it, [and my 18 month old] now puts her hand up in dua....its amazing that what you created resonates with everyone, irrespective of age!"

- Nazia Hashim

"We look forward to Ramadan Moon every evening iftar...both us parents and the kids have learnt so much. Kudos to you and your team for putting together a program that is thoughtful and enjoyable - it touches the heart each time!"