Inspiring Muslim kids to live and love Islam

Clarity. Conviction. Confidence.

Using powerful storylines and inspiring characters, we build taqwa in Muslim kids to solidify their connection to Allah
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It's hard to raise good Muslim kids when…

...most Islamic lectures are too advanced?
...Islamic kids programming is boring or childish?
...Islamic school isn’t always an option?
...when life sometimes just gets too busy to teach your kids?

It's a tough world out there for Muslim parents

Un-Islamic influences and societal decay
Sins and vices are increasingly common
Media increasingly twists the truth
And what even is the metaverse!?!?

We create inspiring Islamic programming that meets the needs of today’s kids to help them face the world with...

The King of Shukarland with a kid in a yellow scarf
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When your kids connect deeply to Allah, the Quran, and Sunnah, they develop a clear understanding of their place in this world, and a deep desire to win in the next world.
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When your kids are convinced that Islam is the perfect and complete way of life, they will prioritize it above all other identities and become intentional about their iba'adah.
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When your kids are sure of their Muslim beliefs, they will face the world with courage and become community building change makers, inspiring others towards Allah.

We promise to be:

Its simple.

Engaging and family focused

Likable role models and funny characters bring the family together for a welcoming learning environment

Intellectually comprehensive

Academic rigor combined with creativity, humor and gamification to keep kids engaged and challenged


Reliable source of high quality, authentic fundamentals to grab attention and foster retention

We make Muslim kids feel:


Happy + excited about Islam

Entertaining content and encouraging energy

Proud of their Muslim identity

Happy role models who look and sound like them

Confident in the Truth

Authentic messages that speak to the fitrah

Loved + respected

EQ-based instruction that reminds kids: Allah loves them

How we inspire Muslim kids

We help kids follow their curiosity

Parents won't need to help kids navigate dMk. Kids can easily access any story, any vocabulary or any song that sparks their interest. They can even test themselves to see how much they know!

We combine storytelling and direct instruction

Our content is a mix of knowledge, fun and inspiration to engage different kinds of learners. Everyone in the family will find something to watch or read!

We offer excellence in quality and presentation

We believe that kids deserve our best effort. We hope to inspire learning in kids through visually appealing content and engaging characters and speakers!

We give unlimited access to all our content

No more choosing which course or class to buy. No more waiting for a specific time of year for a class to be available. We're giving it all for one annual subscription!
The kids of the Kingdom of Shukarlan

Ignite a love for Islam

Putting the fun in the fundamentals:


Theatrical explorations of Quranic themes and Muslims heroes, with teaching resources to expand understanding
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Delightful nuggets of foundational Islamic concepts that every Muslim kid needs to know today
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Fun and inspirational nasheeds that you can sing along with your Muslim kids all day, every day!
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Epic series to inspire your kids

The Greatest Verse
The Greatest Verse

A deep dive into Ayatul Kursi and what it means to believers. As life gets harder and increasingly painful for the believers, it becomes even more essential to have our kids be wholly convinced that with Allah's Protection, smart Muslims survive very difficult times.

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Keys to the Kingdom
Keys to the Kingdom

Readying Muslim kids to be strong and hopeful for Palestinian liberation

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Tricky Situations
Tricky Situations

Helping kids keep it real about Halloween, death and the right Muslim mindset for scary, spooky things

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The Sunnah Life
The Sunnah Life

Celebrate our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) by learning about the importance of adopting his sunnah and studying his seerah

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Sticky Situations
Sticky Situations

A gentle yet comprehensive introduction to common LGBTQ related questions and issues faced by Muslim families.

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Treasure beneath the Throne
Treasure beneath the Throne

The two most special aayaat of the Quran, given directly by Allah to the Prophet (s) during the miraculous night journey. Learn how they contain a glittering treasure of gems for the believer.

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Allah Loves
Allah Loves

The Quran mentions 8 kinds of people that are beloved to Allah. Join the people of Shukarland as they learn about each beautiful quality in detail and how to apply it in their lives. Let's all gain Allah's Love together.

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14 Beautiful Names
14 Beautiful Names

A deeply moving exploration of the 14 Beautiful Names of Allah mentioned in Surah Hashr! Join the King, Jester, Prof & Doc as they learn the meanings of each Name, the qualities that we seek to embody, and much more in this fun and inspiring series.

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Women of Jannah
Women of Jannah

A mother and her 2 daughters share a lovely story time about the 4 incredible ladies the Prophet(s) called the Women of Paradise. Learn about them in our 4 part celebration of amazing Muslim women.

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Hajj Camp
Hajj Camp

Everything your kids need to know about Ibrahim (a) and his fiery predicaments, Hajj, Dhul Hijjah & The Last Sermon in one fantastic series.

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Yunus (a)
Yunus (a)

A whale of a tale! Learn about the life of Yunus (a), how and why he got swallowed by a giant whale, why the angels knew his voice, and how he eventually triumphed.

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Nuh (a)
Nuh (a)

Grab onto your raincoats! This one's going to be one wet story about the life and dedication of our dear Prophet Nuh (a), and the massive ship he built to save humankind.

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Reach for the Ramadan Moon
Reach for the Ramadan Moon

An exciting gameshow to tickle your brain cells! Each episode contains a series of quizzical questions to learn about numerous Islamic topics, and to grow together as we try to reach for the Ramadan Moon!

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Live Classes
Live Classes

Join Aunty Hiba and the rest of the community for live sessions, held regularly throughout the year!

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...with more great series coming soon!

100s of spotlight videos + quizzes that engage and educate

What people are saying

Don't just trust one side of the story! Here's what our customers have said about us.
Love it, I'm in
5 stars
"You've made teaching Islam what it was always meant to be for our children - inspiring, exciting and beautiful."
-  Nada Siddiqui
Boston, MA
5 stars
"This was the first time my kids ever asked for Islamic content to be put on repeat."
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-  Abu Zayd
Global Nomad
5 stars
"Love love love everything you guys do!"
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-  @mariajamil26
5 stars
"My boys have been randomly reciting the verses of Surah Hashr! I'm so glad we signed up!"
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-  @zahrafjs
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Grow confident Muslim kids

Allah Loves Me

Our latest nasheed video, including a look behind the scenes of our flagship series, Allah Loves

Allah Loves, our flagship Ramadan series!
5 epic series and 100s of spotlight videos
Parent guides and quizzes
Live classes and bonus material

Full year membership

365 days of no limits access, with unbelievable value. Watch, learn and enjoy at your own pace.

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Still have questions?

We have some answers. But only Allah knows everything.


Where and how will I watch all these videos?
On your tv, in your home is best, but any device will work! Once you sign your kid up, they'll be able to login to the website and watch (and rewatch) the content as many times as they like, all year round! All workbooks, guides, and quizzes will always be available online too.
Which age groups is this suitable for?
This is a family website suitable for every age group, but Muslim kids are our favorites. We have people watching with their babies, who are watching it with their grandparents. But rest assured, kids can navigate and learn from the membership compeletely independently.
Why have you made these programs?
We want Muslims kids to have an easy reference guide to basic Islamic vocabulary, stories from the Quran and inspiring Muslim role models. We provide inspiration and information about being Muslim. We try to cultivate knowledge and love of Allah as our Lord, Islam as our religion and the Prophet (s) as our prophet.

We want Muslim kids to be proud and confident in their Islamic heritage. Our programs show Muslims being Muslims. The characters are flawed, relatable, but striving towards improvement. The teachers are friendly, earnest, and inspiring. We hope that this wholesome content will be used by families to learn, laugh and grow towards a greater sense of Islamic identity.
How will the membership help my family?
The subscription will allow your family to have an easily accessible, readily available, and always accurate source of Islamic inspiration and information. The engaging content will draw your whole family to the website over and over again. Young and old alike will learn more than you thought possible through the power of storytelling, visually appealing graphics and fun songs.

We believe that knowledge of our deen often has to come before loving it. As the knowledge within your family grows, watch the connection they feel towards the religion grow alongside of it.
What can I do to support what the kids learn on the website?
Watch the Series with your kids! Sing the Songs together! Have them look up words they want to learn about in the Spotlights.Talk about the inspirational lessons. Do the quizzes, print out the workbooks, and discuss the teachings.Reference the characters in your conversation. Laugh at the silliness. Create a loving, happy atmosphere of learning in your home.


Are the charges per child or per family?
The charges are per home. Everyone living under one roof can watch on their own devices, whenever they want.
Will I really get 365 days access?
Yes! Due to popular demand, we've decided to provide unlimited access, so that families can watch, learn, and enjoy at their own pace. And because you can watch it as many times as you want, there will be plenty of opportunity to absorb, understand and reflect.
Can I pay by local bank transfer?
We accept bank transfer payments in Pakistan only. Click here to make payment by bank transfer.
Can I pay on a monthly plan instead of annual?
That's a great question! Currently we are not offering monthly plans, but may consider it sometime in the future.
Do I have to pay extra for new videos or live classes?
Absolutely not! We want you to set it and forget it, without having to worry about payments each time.
Can I buy individual programs instead of everything?
Actually with the membership you get everything we're doing (i.e. WAY better value) for the price of one program.
What if I want to buy a group subscription for my school or community center?
We love this community spirit! Contact us today and let's talk about how we can make this happen.