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E4: Allah Loves Sabr

E4: Allah Loves Sabr

Farmer Maryam goes for a walk around the bazaar. In that duration, her money box goes missing! The Jester and Doc help her look for it, as we learn about yet another trait that Allah (ﷻ) loves.

E4: Allah Loves Sabr
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Let’s Learn

  1. Allah (ﷻ) tests all His servants in numerous ways but it is our job to stay firm in our belief and show patience in times of trial.
  2. Patience does not mean that you sit quietly in the face of injustice.
  3. The Qur’anic dua asking Allah to give you sabr and keep you firm on the religion.
  4. Beautiful patience is patience without panic. We must not complain to anyone but Allah, however it is okay to talk to loved ones about your problems.

Let’s Talk

  1. Have you ever lost something precious to you, were you able to find it?
  2. Do you find yourself getting impatient at times? What measures do you take to calm yourself down?
  3. Are finders, keepers?

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