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E6: Allah Loves Ihsan

E6: Allah Loves Ihsan

Things, including the kids of Shukarland, are hopping at the Ramadan Moon Market right now! The King has got a special surprise for the kids! The Farmer and Professor are demonstrating some marvelous qualities that are beloved to Allah (ﷻ)!

E6: Allah Loves Ihsan
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Let’s Learn

       1. Ihsan is perfection or excellence. One of Allah’s names, Al Muhsin, means The Supreme Doer of Good.

       2. The Qur’an tells us to do EVERYTHING with excellence, be it worshipping Allah, or helping others or being kind to the unjust.

       3. Taqwa and Ihsan are connected. Muslims must worship Allah with such excellence because Allah (ﷻ) is watching their every move.

       4. The types of Ihsan:

           a. Ihsan bil walidain: Kindness to Parents

           b. Ihsan ilal Jarr:  Kindness to neighbors

           c. Ihsan fil kalam: Saying good things or remaining silent

       5. The Du’a seeking the ability to worship Allah (ﷻ) with excellence.

Let’s Talk

       1. What are some ways you can help out your parents?

       2. Have you ever fallen out with a friend or family member? What did you do to make up with them?

Assalam Alaikum!

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