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E0: Intro to Shukarland

E0: Intro to Shukarland

Welcome to the beautiful kingdom of Shukarland! Let's meet our dear friends who love Allah and see how they try their best to be the kind of people Allah loves.

E0: Intro to Shukarland
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In a faraway valley, nestled between great, big mountains, there is and there isn’t, the beautiful Kingdom of Shukarland. Surrounded by swaying trees and sparkling lakes, it is a very happy and peaceful place.

The Kingdom of Shukarland is ruled by a kind and just king. His name is King Hasan. In Shukarland, there also lives a small community of good and earnest people. There is the Professor and the Farmer, the Doctor and the Jester, the Imam and the Teacher and many, many children. 

The people of Shukarland are a lively lot. And everyday they go about the business of living the best lives they can possibly live. What the people of Shukarland want more than anything in the whole wide world, is to succeed in the Aakhirah, inshaAllah.

Every year, in the Kingdom of Shukarland, a very special event takes place on the night of the Ramadan moon. The whole kingdom turns up wearing their finest clothes and their brightest smiles for the grand festival known as... the Ramadan Moon Market. 

The Ramadan Moon Market is a happening place. Colorful booths sell their wares, from books full of secrets to shiny new trinkets. A games station, buzzing with healthy competition, has the young and the young at heart racing to win exciting prizes. Workshops teach things of great importance and wide-eyed pupils open their minds to new thoughts and fresh ideas! Everywhere you turn, there is the most impressive team spirit, the most infectious sort of joy.

Like every year, King Hasan plans to announce the learning theme for his kingdom at the Ramadan Moon Market. He chuckles excitedly, how fun it will be to unveil it! How thrilling! The people of Shukarland will gasp in awe! They will cheer in anticipation! They will roar with delight! 

For this year, the Ramadan Moon Market will celebrate the best of things, Allah’s Love...and the best of people...those whom Allah loves.

How amazed the people of Shukarland will be to know: that Allah loves the Pure! He loves the Just! He loves those who Trust Him! He loves the Patient, and those who are Aware of Him, the Excellent and the Repentant! 

This year’s Ramadan Moon Market will be covered by two enthusiastic and intrepid newscasters. Their great and solemn duty will be to report the events of the day and bring them straight to you. 

They will also be joined by their global correspondents, reporting from the frontlines of other Muslim nations. You see, an essential part of Shukarland’s tradition is caring for the Ummah. Yes, by spreading learning and laughter but also by shedding light on the difficulties faced by their beloved Muslim brothers and sisters across the world. 

The brave reporters, the good people of Shukarland, the beautiful theme...oh the Ramadan Moon Market will be an unmissable, shining event of education and inspiration! 

And as the sun moves across the sky, the people of Shukarland will feel their excitement rise. Soon it will be time for Maghrib, the blazing sun will sink into the inky sea and all of Shukarland will search the skies for the thin, glowing hilal... the Ramadan Moon. Oh how long they have waited! Oh how joyful they will feel, how hopeful of Allah’s Mercy, and how grateful, to once again... be blessed enough to witness…Ramadan...the greatest time of the year.

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