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E8: Allah Loves Muslim Unity

E8: Allah Loves Muslim Unity

Aunty Hiba ties up all seven traits beloved to Allah (ﷻ). Wrapping it all up beautifully like an Eid present in this last episode of Allah Loves, with one final quality that can elevate us in this world and in the akhirah.

E8: Allah Loves Muslim Unity
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Let’s Learn

      1. Saffan means a row. The Qur’an says that Muslims must unite together as a single solid structure, stand up in one row to fight against all forms of injustice and stay firm on the command of Allah (ﷻ).

      2. Muslims must unite against disbelief, oppression, tyranny and all things that Allah (ﷻ) has prohibited.

Let’s Talk

      1. Did you know about the injustices that Muslims face all over the world?

      2. What are some ways in which we can help build a stronger ummah?

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