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E3: Allah Loves Tawakkul

E3: Allah Loves Tawakkul

Jester loses his goat while trying to understand another trait that Allah (ﷻ) loves. A child in Shukarland dislocates her elbow and her parents are nowhere to be found while The Doc must make an informed and difficult decision with the help of The King!

E3: Allah Loves Tawakkul
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Let’s Learn

      1. Tawakkul is the ultimate form of ibadah, because we accept that Allah (ﷻ) has power and control over everything, and we do not. 

      2. Tawakkul has two parts:

            a. making an effort and,

            b. then trusting in Allah (ﷻ).

      3. Tawakkul frees us from the worries of how things will work out, so having tawakkul is actually good for us!

Let’s Talk

      1. Can you think of an example where you acted with tawakkul?

      2. Have you ever lost something you really liked? What was it? How did you handle it?

      3. Why do you think tawakkul is a quality that Allah (ﷻ) loves so much?

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