Women of Jannah
E3: Maryam - The Sure

E3: Maryam - The Sure

A mother and her daugthers talk about seasonal plants, leading to a discussion about Maryam (a). She tells the girls about Maryam’s devotion to Allah (ﷻ), her faith that inspired even Prophet Zakariyya (a), and explains the miracle of Isa’s (a) birth.

E3: Maryam - The Sure
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Let’s Learn!

  1. Maryam’s mother made dua for her child to be special to Allah (ﷻ), and her dua was answered in such a beautiful way! In the Quran, Isa (a) is always mentioned by her name, as her son. Allah (ﷻ) honored Maryam (a) like nobody else!
  2. Zakariyya (a) was inspired by Maryam’s complete faith in Allah (ﷻ) , and wasted no time in making dua!
  3. Maryam (a), when faced with Jibreel (a), knew that seeking protection from Allah (ﷻ) was enough. And once she believed that Jibreel (as) brought down Allah’s (ﷻ) Command, she did not waver for even a minute in obeying Him, despite any difficulties she may have had to face!

Let’s Talk!

  1. What are some of the things that Allah (ﷻ) has provided for you, without you even asking for them?
  2. What are some things that remind you of Allah’s (ﷻ) Power, His Endless Abilities? Mountains always do that for me!
  3. Have you ever made a du’a that got fulfilled instantly? 

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