Women of Jannah
E1: Aasiya - The Brave

E1: Aasiya - The Brave

A mother settles down for a post-salah storytime with her daughters to relate the complete story of Asiya, wife of Firawn. Interwoven with the story of the early years of Prophet Musa’s life, the story focuses on her bravery and her very special place in Jannah.

E1: Aasiya - The Brave
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Let’s Learn! 

  1. Asiya was married to Firawn, a truly evil man, but she was always kind and gentle.
  2. Asiya heard and saw that Musa (a) was calling people to worship Allah (ﷻ) and she was quick to respond.
  3. Asiya knew that the Firawn would punish her, but she decided to be brave and declare her faith openly. Allah (ﷻ) rewarded her bravery and conviction with a beautiful house in Jannah! 
  4. Asiya could have made dua for anything but instead loved Allah (ﷻ) so much that she asked for her house to be CLOSE to Him in Jannah.

Let’s Talk!

  1. Can you think of a time you felt afraid but acted bravely?
  2. What are you making most dua for these days to Allah (ﷻ)?
  3. Have you ever helped someone out of the kindness of your heart?

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