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E2: Ibrahim (a)

E2: Ibrahim (a)

Thunderclouds loom over the Kingdom as The Professor shares some terrible news with everyone. The King is calm and patient and the Jester wants to know why! Everyone gathers around to listen as Aunty Hiba tells the story of Ibrahim (a), the many tests he faced, and how he remained calm and patient through them all. Go deep into the heart of the desert to discover the epic life story and amazing qualities of the Friend of Allah. Make Hasbunallah wa nimal wakeel a part of your kids lexicon and inspire them to live with courage and determination.

E2: Ibrahim (a)
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Let’s Learn

  1. The story of Ibrahim (a) and how he always had complete faith in Allah (ﷻ)’s will.
  2. The du’a of Ibrahim (a) which helped him stay calm and patient through his many trials. 
  3. The Rituals of Hajj and how Allah (ﷻ) honored the family of Ibrahim (a).

Let’s Talk

  1. Have you ever felt as if following Allah’s command would make you stick out in a crowd?
  2. What are some ways you can apply the traits of Ibrahim (a) into your life? 
  3. What was your most favorite part from the story of Ibrahim (a)?

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