Yunus (a)
E1: Prophet Yunus (a)

E1: Prophet Yunus (a)

The King begins to fume at the beach but The Jester helps him calm down with a great reminder! Everyone gathers around to listen as Aunty Hiba tells the story of Nuh (a), how he let his anger take the best of him and the story of a hungry whale.

E1: Prophet Yunus (a)
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Let’s Learn

  1. Always have faith in Allah (ﷻ) and His plans.
  2. Don’t be hasty in giving up on other and remember that Allah’s (ﷻ) guidance can be sent to them at any time.
  3. Allah is Ar Rahman, the Most Forgiving. Muslims should never feel defeated or hopeless when they have the power of du’a on their side.
  4. Patience, like all other traits that Allah (ﷻ) loves are tricky to master but not impossible!
  5. The Du’a of Yunus (a) that he made inside the belly of the whale which saved him.

Let’s Talk

  1. Have you ever volunteered to do something you know is difficult? How did you manage to pull it off?
  2. Are you quick to get upset? Do you know what your triggers are?
  3. Do you forgive others instantaneously or does it take some time for you to forgive?

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